Corporative clients

Corporate customers are one of the most important part of the value system of our company. We are cooperating with the corporate customers under the special terms and conditions and within broader service scope.


For the following advantages, we have market attractiveness for the corporate customers:

  • Lowest tariffs
  • 24 hours service throughout the country
  • Quality Control Service: The company obtained ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system compliance to standard certificate in 2011
  • Corporate responsibility for transported vehicles
  • Broad vehicle garage
  • Customer satisfaction calls identifying customers’ suggestions and comments
  • More than 120 tow trucks with modern technical indicators
  • Evacuation of vehicles in any weight
  • Professional staff
  • Arrival at any points of Absheron peninsula not later than 15 minutes and of the country not later than 45-60 minutes;
  • Special discounts for permanent customers
  • Easy payment terms
  • Ability to carry additional two passengers


The coporate customers can do following controls in the vehicles towed upon orders through special log in, in our website :

a. Conditions of the vehicle before and after towing (photo);

b. Evacaution map: as all the tow trucks are equipped with GPS, the corporate customers have an opportunity to follow on our website the trajectory of the tow trucks from pick up to drop off point.