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Corporative clients are the foremost parts of the value system of our company. Corporation with corporative clients is implemented under special terms and full range of services.

For corporative clients the company has the following market appeal:

1.     The lowest prices

2.     24 hours service all over the country

3.     Qualitative Control System: On September 2011 the company achieved the certificate of conformance of international management quality system ISO9001:2008.

4.     Corporative guarantee and corporative responsibility for transportation;

5.     A large car park

By special enter our site the following control for the towed away transport means can be realized by the order of corporative clients:

a.      Photos of transport means before and after Car Recovery;

b.     Car Recovery map: all Car Recovery trucks being supplied by GPS conductor during towing away and up to the last point the corporative clients have a chance of seeing the path of motion on the site;

Corporative clients are offered three different services:

1.     Car Recovery Service: realization of the towing away of transport means (also transport means in accident condition) in any point of the country.

2.     Breakdown Cover: realization of operative repair of the transport means on the road.

3.     Courtesy: supply with another alternative transport means on the road.

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Car recovery prices
Within the same zone: 19 AZN
Within the Republic: 1 km - 70 gepik
In hard passed mountain mass: 1 km - 1,77 AZN
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